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제품명 Spin Doctor Genomic DNA Isolation Kit 제조사 GerardBiotech
Code G120L 규격 250preps
용량 Host

제품설명 From Tails to PCR in under 2 hours!

Individual Lypilized tubes can digest samples for PCR in 1-2 hours
15 minute post digest cleanup for PCR, 30 minute digest for Southerns
May be stored safely at room temperature, no need to freeze or aliquot

No column, binding resin, or phenol

Great yeilds from small samples; 1 mm tail snips, ear punches, young mice
Gentle process will not shear DNA
Eliminates the need for hazardous organic solvents

문의전화 : 학술부 신재옥 (02-2026-5358)